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The Quality Patient Care Network (QPCN) is a pan-European peer-to-peer educational initiative with a mission to improve treatment outcomes through the sharing of best practice tools and information between treating physicians in Europe. The ultimate vision is to improve the lives of patients affected by use, misuse, overuse and dependence on substances and medications.


More about QPCN

Through a growing network of nearly 200 National Educators across eight countries, QPCN provides small roundtable meetings where healthcare professionals can learn about the latest evidence-based best practice, address specific local challenges and discuss complex cases under the guidance of an experienced colleague. Meetings are not simply didactic lectures, but highly interactive and practice-focused experiences designed to meet the needs of individual participants.

The core curriculum was developed independently for the European treatment community by the QPCN Steering Committee, and refined for use in each country by a faculty of national experts. An extensive resource of educational slide kits and interactive exercises are available for National Educators to use in meetings, providing an engaging and effective learning experience. Materials are periodically updated to reflect new clinical evidence and new ideas for educational techniques.


If you are resident in one of the QPCN countries and would like to arrange for a National Educator to run a meeting in your area, please contact us.

If you are an experienced healthcare professional in the substance use field and would like to become a QPCN National Educator, please contact us to register your interest, including more information about your background. Your National Faculty will contact you when the next National Educator meeting is scheduled.

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